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I have a new PC and want to have the e-mail addresses from my old PC appear in the TO box as a drop-down menu as I begin to type in the address.  I have copied the outlook.nk2 file from my old PC, renamed it Autocomplete_Stream_0_ ... .dat and placed it in the proper folder.

I restarted Outlook but it doesn't seem as if it worked.  When I begin to enter an address, I don't get my e-mail addresses from my old PC.

And help would be greatly appreciated.


Jack Devlin

Jack, I am not seeing the version of Outlook you are using so...

I export my Outlook contacts from my old PC into a *.pst format and import them onto the new computer.

Having done that, autocomplete does not always work the first time but will eventually.

The following may not be the version you are using but the concept is the same.


How to import outlook.nk2 files


Microsoft Outlook

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