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Microsoft Outlook/e-addressed considered undesired by Outlook without my will


Hi Nancy,
I use Microsoft Outlook: mac 2011; version 14.3.7 (130812); last updating installed: 14.3.7

The problem is that a couple of e-addresses are considered "undesired" by my Outlook, without me having decided so. Unfortunately,  both of them behave to people I currently work with, and one of them is from my own Company, having the same extension after the @!
Of course I tried to solve the problem from the folder "undesired mail" (sorry, I'm Italian and I'm trying to re-translate back into English from my Italian version of the program; I do hope you get what I mean, as I do not know what is the proper English definition for this peculiar folder).
I go into this folder and  cancel the category "undesired" applied to all the mails cominig from these 2 addresses, and apparently it seems to be accepted. But one second later it starts again, and if one of these 2 address writes me it goes again in the "undesired mail" folder, automatically.
The same when I try the other way I know, which is to transfer these "undesired" emails into the "arriving" mails folder: both the ways, to my knowledge, should  automatically remove the 2 addresses from the undesired list.But none of them works.
How can I solve the problem?

Thank you so much! daniela

Hello Daniela - I think you are referring to junk mail and that you have emails going to the junk mail folder that should not be.  The following article should be helpful.

Label a message as "junk" or "not junk"The junk e-mail filter in Outlook sometimes classifies non-junk messages inaccurately. You can quickly reclassify messages if you need to.

I hope this helps,  Nancy

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