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I have a desktop with Office 2010 Pro with Outlook and a laptop with Office 2013 Pro with Outlook. Both systems have Win7 the laptop has 64 Bit version. I believe I keep my mail on my providerís (Comcast) server. I believe this because I can view my incoming mail from a work laptop and my personal laptop through webmail. My question is two part.
1. Am I correct thinking my e-mail is kept on Comcast server?
2. Is there a way that I can view my e-mail on the laptops with Outlook or at least on my personal laptop? I like the way Outlook displays the e-mail and the options I have when I use it. I just donít want to lose any e-mail. Thanks you in advance for your help and information.


Hello Jim, yes you can use Outlook to view your email on as many computers as you want.  When you setup the email account you want to check, leave mail on the server option.

I have attached an image.  You can use any version of Outlook on any computer to access your email.  I don't know if you have 50 or 1000 emails on the server, so if you setup an account on a computer and hit send and receive you are going to get every email from the server.  If you have a large number you may want to move them to a separate folder, at least for the moment you can always move them back.

I am ssuming that you retrieve your email online by going to Comcast webmail.  I would not be able to say if this is Comcast's server.  it may be, probably is, but they may lease servers or something similar.  Certainly Comcast is providing the service.


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