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Hi Nancy,

I have Office 2010.  I'm trying to create some new AutoCorrects that I can use in Outlook with emails (and also some for Excel) and they don't always work.  Some do, but others aren't recognized.  I'm creating the autocorrects in Word (and they do work there), but they're not always recognized in Outlook or Excel.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I'd also love to set up some AutoTexts to use in Outlook and Excel and the same thing happens.  I can create them in Word (through Insert / Quick Parts), and they're saving to normal.dotm, but they aren't recognized in Outlook or Excel.

If you have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!

Lori - This pathway works for me in Word and Outlook, and Excel. Once you have created the auto-text you may have to close and existing document and re-open it.

To add text entries that are inserted automatically when you type a specific set of characters, you need to use the AutoCorrect dialog box.

1.Click the File tab.
2.Click Options.
3.Click Proofing.
4.Click AutoCorrect Options, and then click the AutoCorrect tab.
5.Select the Replace text as you type check box, if it is not already selected.
6.Under Replace, type the characters that you want to use for your automatic text.
The text that you selected in your document should appear under With.

Just an FYI - check your auto-text list, if you have added a duplicate neither will work.


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