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hello again, Nancy!

Thank you again for your very relevant replies.

In our exchange, I referred to "other" problems.

I have two computers, connected with a Cisco router. For the one connected directly to the modem, let's call it Computer A. The one on the "other" side of the router,let's call it Computer B.

I use Verizon and its DSL.I use Windows 7 on Computer B and Windows XP on Computer A.

The computer on which I want to install Outlook 2013 is Computer B. In our last email exchange, you provided on-line sources that will allow me to connect Outlook 2013 to the Internet. I'm not very strong in this area, but I hope that I can work my way through the procedure.

You also explained the phrase "32 bit/64 bit DVD". I conclude that the phrase means that whether my computer is 32 bit OR 64 bit, I can expect to be able to load the DVD's content onto my hard drive. Am I right? Computer B is a 32-bit computer, so I can expect to load the Outlook program without any trouble. But as I wrote above, connecting it to the Internet is what Iím worried about.

I "spoke" of another problem....
It concerns Computer A. It holds Outlook 2003.When I'm in the Mail section, I can see a lot of old, old emails. I closed my account back in 2008 or 2009. The account was with LocalNet. They are still in business.
When I look at the tabs, I see the tab "Sent". But when I try to send an email, it is NOT sent; I conclude that it is not sent because my account with LocalNet is closed. That part is OK, but whenever this Outlook program is open, a dialog box keeps popping up every few minutes telling me that the server is "", and the dialog box also shows my user name and asteriks in the Password box.

I conclude that to use the 2003 version, I need to sever my connection with LocalNet (which I thought I did five years ago!).I expect to contact them and ask that they sever the connection. Is there something else I need to do, or could do?
But after severing the connection, I want to do the same thing as I want to do with Outlook 2013 on the other computer, as I described above, i.e., connect the program to the Internet.

There, that's the story. Am I still giving a clear story, or have I confused you (and maybe me as well!)

Thanks, and a Happy 2015!


Chris - you have lots going on and some is really is more related to windows than Outlook.

Computer B Verizon and its DSL.I use Windows 7
    install Outlook 2013 is Computer B
    Computer B is a 32-bit

    Microsoft has a support page for setting up Outlook 2013

Computer A.  Windows XP
    A closed account is a closed account and you will have to reconfigure to the new Verizon sign ons the same as you will for Outlook 2013 on Windows.  No need to contact anyone, it is your settings causing the prompt and they need to be updated to the new Verizon settings.

    It appears Verizon offers help on changing your 2003 Outlook at

You will need your Verizon email address and the pop3 and smtp settings, provided by Verizon

Happy New Year

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