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QUESTION: I have Office 2010.

My 176 tasks have always been listed in alphabetic order.  Now the appear to be in random order.  If I click "A on top" or "Z on top" nothing changes.

Any suggestions on how I get them back in alphabetic order?

Outlook Task View
Outlook Task View  
ANSWER: Steven, I am currently sitting at a computer with 2013 but i believe it will be the same as 2010.

I have attached an image.

Be sure to have your Outlook Window maximized.  Clicking on the Task Subject prompts a window "you can't sort by this field".

The order of your columns may be different from mine (which are in default view).  Using the attached image look for a small icon that looks like a bell.  If you click on this it will sort the subject field.

From the View TAB > Arrangement Group you will see the option to reverse sort this only applies to the column that is currently sorted.

I hope this is what you are looking for.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have the same view as yours.  The only bell I see says "Reminders Window"

Steven, I double checked and I had clicked on the "ToDo list on the left panel and not the Tasks list.

I clicked on the ToDo list and sorted and then went back to the Task List and they were sorted.

I also found the following


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