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Hello Nancy!I've created outlook account.Does it mean that all the private information,I mean my name,age,gender,zip code,phone number and so on are public online and everyone can see all of this?And one more question:How can I change time zone of my account?Thank you! K.

Hello - I am not exactly sure if I understand correctly.  Do you have Outlook as an application from the Microsoft Office Suite on your computer or... as I suspect have you created an (also known as Live Mail) account online which is similar to gmail?

If you are signed in to you would look to the right for a "daisy" type icon - this is the settings button.  You click on Options and when the Options page appears you will see the option to change the time zone.  Review the other items on the list as well.

As with any webmail the account is password protected and your information is not open to the public.  If you have a concern go to another computer, and without logging in see what information you can find.

If you are referring to Outlook installed locally on your computer your information is not public as is nothing else on your computer.

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, hopefully it will be helpful.

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