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Microsoft Outlook/(I BELIEVE) 2 easy e-mail questions


Hello Nancy,

I have a couple of questions that I don't believe you will have a problem with.

1) I use online mail exclusively (Yahoo, Gmail, a little Hotmail).
Could I transfer all of my online mail (a LOT - YEARS - of mail - including all of my folders, drafts, trash, etc.. EVERYTHING, basically), to Outlook - /or Outlook Express?/ - [not sure which I should use; only using for eml; not a PIM, etc., but I can figure that out myself.] ) ?

2) If I can do it, and I AM pretty sure that it IS possible, here is my MAIN question: I've used Outlook/Outlook Express, a tiny bit over the years, such as at work, or experimentally, (or whatever).. but VERY limited use.

Here is what I'm a little scared of: I know that you hit the "Send/Receive" button in these clients (which is different from online e-mail clients). I have a LOT (YEARS worth) of unfinished e-mails, or e-mails that I decided not to send, ALL in my 'DRAFTS' folder. (Instead of deleting them, I like, or need, to look back periodically at those e-mail draftsÓ, for reference).

Of course, a lot of the e-mails that ARE in my 'Drafts' folder, ARE already addressed to the person whom it was intended for.

It seems like, if my memory serves me correctly, back when I hit the "SEND/RECEIVE" button, to retrieve new mail, those DRAFTS (the ones that were already addressed, of course), were SENT!! (When I did NOT want them sent). Like I said, I VERY well may be, and I HOPE that I AM wrong - either by memory, or I was wrong at the time - in that it never even happened, back THEN (ab. the 'drafts' being sent by the "Send/Recieve" button).

If you could please tell me that I hopefully am wrong, & the Drafts folder is, or is not affected by the Send/Receive button, you would really help me a lot.

Thank you a lot for your assistance!! I really appreciate it.


HI - In Microsoft Outlook there is a DRAFTS folder - any email within that folder with the To: field populated or not will NOT send when using the Send and Receive Feature.  If you open a draft email and then use the "Send" button the email will then go into the Outbox.

I hope that helps.

I will add that if you are on an "Intranet" within a company for example the behavior may be different and you would have to ask your network administrator.

I would also say that when you import from one of your accounts you may have to map the fields or manually put emails in the Drafts folder.

I would also caution.  It sounds like you are importing many emails, if you are talking thousands you are going to end up with a very large *pst (Outlook data file) and this might be an issue if you don't have large storage capacity.

All the best.

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