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Microsoft Outlook/I keep getting an error message


someone wrote at 2007-06-11 20:39:55
Comcast tech support does not suck. Comcast doesnt support outlook express or outlook, as they are a microsoft product, and not a comcast product, it is your choice to be using outlook, comcast supplies webmail, and troubleshoots webmail. If you had a motorola cell phone, would you call bell for help? honestly.

annashaily wrote at 2014-04-04 12:18:03
Outlook error doesn't allow you to send or receive email messages and corrupt your pst file. so you need to use third party repair tool to fix outlook error and

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Murray S.


Good Day: I can help with most of your Outlook email problems as well as Outlook Express (most versions). I am using Outlook 2000 right at the moment.


I have used Outlook and Outlook Express since it's humble beginnings as Windows Messaging. I am using Outlook 2000 and OE 6.0 right now.

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