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Microsoft PowerPoint/Enlarging an image to full screen during presentation?


Kyle wrote at 2013-03-02 18:29:20
Try this:

- insert small picture into original presentation

- Create separate presentation with one slide that shows the picture fullscreen

- In original presentation, right-click on small picture, add hyperlink, select fullscreen presentation as target

- Go to presentation mode, click on small picture -> second presentation shows with your full screen picture. Press Esc to return to original presentation.

Jud wrote at 2014-02-13 18:52:52
Hey I know this is a little late now, but I had the same problem as you, but this is what I ended up doing. I made an animation for grow/shrink to huge, then a second animation of custom path line moving directly to the middle. I made the custom path run with the grow. Then I made a third animation of shrink tiny on mouse click. Then I made a custom path line to the original spot (I actually ended up having to do a reverse path). This is how I did it and it worked pretty decently. I hope you figured out a way for your presentation going on 3 years ago now.  

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