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My name is Stephen. I have been in charge of making and editing our PowerPoint presentations for our liturgy and other services for many years in my church.

I am currently having an issue with hyperlinks!! or to be more precise, what happens to them whenever I try to copy and paste files in PPT 2007 or 2010. Whenever slides with hyperlinks are moves to new presentations, most of the hyperlinks seem to either break or change to completely random slides. I even tested moving all the slides from one presentation to another blank presentation, and it caused the same problem.

My solution to this point has been using ppt 2003, which seems to not have this hyperlink issue. However, I am now trying to create much larger PowerPoints with a great number of slides, and it seems to have hit the limited number of slides that 2003 can handle.
I was wondering if you had a solution to my very annoying dilemma!!
Thank you for any help you can provide.



ANSWER: This is a little difficult to explain, but let me try.

When you link from a hyperlink to a slide in the same presentation, then PowerPoint does not link to the slide number, but it links to the slide ID. Each slide in your presentation has a slide ID that's allotted to it the moment it is created. That explains why you can reorder your slides in PowerPoint and the hyperlinks still link to the correct slide.

Now when you copy these slides to another presentation, they get new slide IDs! That's the reason why your hyperlinks don't work. You cannot change slide IDs within the PowerPoint interface -- to do that, you may have to look into some PowerPoint VBA programming.

Have a great day.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok, that makes perfect sense.

I looked into VBA programming and it seems like a lot of work.

Here's my follow-up:

How come slides are easily transferrable in ppts (2003 and older). Do they not use slide IDs? Or is it that it is able to copy both the slide with the slide id, or compensate for the change?

I guess my real question is: is this an error with the new office not taking into account how slide ids will effect transferring slides with hyperlinks, or is it simply that slide ids always existed and that the newer versions simply messed up in this area?

Also, is VBA programming my only solution?

Stephen, you know -- I don't think this works differently in PowerPoint 2003. Let me ask you something: are the hyperlinks you created anchor from shapes that have the "No Fill" attribute?

I'll be happy to help you further with this one. Can you next share a file that works for you in 2003 but not in newer versions?

Have a great day.

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