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Microsoft PowerPoint/B&W converted Presentaion still plays in color


QUESTION: I have a color presentation and I would like to play it in B&W for a 20's style party.
I have changed the color scheme by clicking view>Greyscale.
The thumbnails are still in colour and when I run the presentation it still plays in colour !

ANSWER: Pip, you just changed the view, not the presentation. The Grayscale view feature is only meant to simulate printing on a grayscale printer -- not for viewing.

Which version of PowerPoint are you using -- there may be another way.

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I am using 2003. I have to literally go through the whole presentation and individually change each slide, very time consuming!

There are about 50 slides.

Pip, I know this can be very time consuming.

If you were using PowerPoint 2007 or later you could just go to the Design tab of the Ribbon, choose Colors to open the Theme Colors dropdown gallery and then choose "Grayscale".

Then all you would need to do is check your slides for any color pictures and then make them grayscale within PowerPoint -- it's quite easy.

Do you think you can open your presentation in a version such as 2007 or 2010 and make these changes?

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