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QUESTION: I have a PowerPoint 2007 presentation with an embedded video. It works fine. I have been trying to give the presentation using Presenter View bit it will not play the video. Is there a solution to this?
Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Richard -

I am not aware of why you can not see the video.  I am assuming you are using a 2nd monitor to show the slide show.

I would double check that your video is saved within the folder where your presentation is saved.  Your video may in fact be linked and not embedded.

When you want to create a dynamic link between the content of your document and the content in a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation, insert the content as an object. Unlike when you paste content (such as by pressing CTRL+V), when you insert it as a linked or embedded object, you can still work with it in the original program.

The following is an overview of presenter view...

A video of using Presenter view

Hopefully the linking/embedding feature is the issue.

Cheers, Nancy

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Thank you for this. However
1.  I am using a second monitor to show the slide show
2.  The video file is within the same folder as the presentation
3.  It is linked to the presentation as you describe.

I have discussed this problem with several people I know who use PowerPoint regularly. They have all found the same problem but have never been able to find a solution (unless they show the presentation on an Apple Mac when all seems to work as desired).

I will experiment with the linkage between the presentation and the video to see if I can find a way to get it to work.

Thank you

Richard I did a little more researching and found an interesting comment.  I am not sure if "broadcasting" applies to "presentation view", but it is worth looking at.

If you play a video in your presentation, the browser does not show it to the audience.

All the best.

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