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I'm creating a kind of quiz game on Powerpoint 2010. It's based very much on the TV game show Pyramid. But I'm stuck at a very crucial part. I would very much like to incorporate a stopwatch timer and NOT a countdown timer, using the animations of PPT. I know how to create a countdown (or countup timer# using the animation but can I not create a stopwatch timer, just like your standard stopwatch that starts and stops at the press of a button, I want to use the animations of PPT to start and stop the timer.
Specifically, a stopwatch that counts down from 30 seconds.
I would like it to start on the click of the mouse over the timer and have available #because I haven't decided which way to go yet)1 of 2 ways to stop the clock and in both ways you see the number of seconds it stopped at.
Either I want it stop on click of the mouse over the timer or I want it to stop on clicking at a text box trigger at another location on the same slide. Please help can this be done?

Andy - I personally have not done this but there are options available.

Add a stopwatch to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentations

I hope these help.


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