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Hi Nancy,

I spent several hours today trying to find an online template of an annual cycle. I have attached two images that represent the type of annual cycle I'm looking for, where there is a section for each month of the calendar year. Can you help me, I hope?

Thanks very much,


Barbara, I am not aware of a template exactly like what you are looking for.  However, I created one similar to your green image without much effort.  

I used the insert shape option , laying circles on top of each other in different colours/shades.

I created rectangle boxes by making one and copying and pasting until I had 12, using the align feature to line them up.

You draw perfect circles by holding the shift key when using insert shape, oval.

I added text to a rectangle and created a link to one of the slides within the presentation.

It worked well and went pretty fast.

You can color the shapes with solid colours or gradients.  

I hope this was helpful and it works for you.


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