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Running a presentation using PP2003.  8 slides that have been timed using the rehearsal feature.  Also has audio, a single song that I want played across all slides.  The slides actually contain the words to the song so it is important that they be in sync.  Followed steps to link file.  Tried it with an MP3 file as well as a WAV.  The music plays when I select play from beginning.  Slides do not advance.  If I click sound stops.  Please help. Thank you.  Joe

Joe - it appears that you have linked the sound file and not embedded it.  This was posted quite awhile ago.  You want to embed the file.

In addition, I am assuming your have...

From the Menu, Insert>Play Sound from File.

Under Play Options, select "Loop until stopped

I no longer use 2003 and Microsoft no longer supports 2003 so I am hopeful that you can resolve.


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