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Hi Nancy!

I've selected the hierarchy SmartArt Graphic to insert to show the flow of a process for tour.

I've successfully added shaped below and after however, there's one part where I need the parent that has two children to then allow those two children to share one central task (for an example, I'm going to call this task a pet) so that from that, once I add an additional below, it can blossom out into three children from that.

So it looks something like this

1. House
2. House has parents (mom and dad)
3. Parents have two children (Sue and Sean)
4. Sean and Sean have a dog (Spike) that they share
5. Spike has puppies (Spot, Spit and Spunk)

How do I make the children who are two separate shapes be connected to Spike their shared dog? Then from there I'd be able to add Spike's puppies.

Does this make sense?

Thank you!!

Hello - I am not aware of a way to use the Smart Art to actually have 2 with a relationship to one after the top level.  However you can create your chart, have the parents as one level, then delete whatever else you have under parents and insert a shape using the insert shape feature, the share will automatically match your chart.  Use the insert line ("L" shaped) to connect.  You can easily match them up to your chart.

For more details on using the chart feature the following might be helpful.


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