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Microsoft Software/Greetings Workshop Delux V2.0


Where is the greetingsworkshop web site?  when I type it in to my browser I get a "page not found" error?


Per the following link, Microsoft discontinued Greetings Workshop support back in 2002:

The only referenced 'authorized' website was at , and you're no longer loads.  I would suspect Microsoft has dumped any/all support relating to this product in favor of their new Digital Imaging 2006 suites.

Hallmark had a hand in this for awhile but also seems to have dropped any mention of it on their sites, favoring the Greeting Card Studio and Scrapbook Studio packages.  At this point, unless you can find a user-created public forum somewhere (and I was unable to find one of those either) it would seem Greetings Workshop fans have been left to fend for themselves.


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