Microsoft Word/Review Markup Problem


mik84 wrote at 2009-04-06 16:05:02
Just in future check if You don't have any text comments (red reference mark) because they affect  margins width. Remove them and everything should be ok ;)

JEL888 wrote at 2010-09-15 08:13:23
Was a solution finally found?  I have the same issue and all markups and comments have been removed.

Andrew wrote at 2012-02-29 15:37:00
I just had the same issue, and found this post. I know this is very old and of no relevance to the original poster, but I thought would add to it for anyone else who is experiencing the same issues.

The problem is not with the tracked changes or markup-area at all, but instead there is something really wide pushing out the margin beyond the page width. In my case it was an image within a table preventing it from reducing in width.

Go to web layout view and you will see that the margin is too far over for the given paper width. And then tediously search for things that are too wide, such as a fixed width nested table or image with lots of white space.

damo wrote at 2012-11-22 01:38:21
I've had the same issue. It appears that, in some instances, when Word tries to auto-recover from crashing after Track Changes has been used, it interprets the review margin as part of the document and automatically resizes all pages to be a weird custom size with a new right hand margin. Changing the page sizes back to, say, A4 manually works, but Word maintains a 6.5cm right hand margin.

I'm yet to find a way to resolve this problem without manually changing all pages back to their original size and resetting the margins (a pain when you're working with a document with many sections and numerous page orientations and sizes)! I'll report back it a solution is found.

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