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Microsoft Word/Format Toolbar Won't Appear When Docs Are Opened


Noner wrote at 2009-02-25 18:29:31
Phantom Toolbars

Q: I don’t see any of my Word toolbars! Where did they go?

A: Since some of Office 2008’s toolbars live in the title bar, you can hide them easily—or accidentally—by clicking on the oblong icon at a window’s top right. If you click on the icon again, your toolbars should reappear.

Click on this button to hide toolbars if you want to reclaim space in the title bar, especially if you decide to display custom toolbars in other places. Note that doing so hides certain contextual toolbars (unless you’ve chosen to un-Dock them, as explained previously), such as the Reviewing toolbar that appears when you’re in Word’s Track Changes mode. These toolbars will show in the title bar if you click on the Hide Toolbar widget, but they won’t display automatically as they normally do.

mac user wrote at 2011-11-23 09:19:53
Hi - I found this on the internet and it solved my problem.  Much better than the other answer....

Recently my oft-used formatting toolbar in Word 2008 for Mac went missing. One day it simply disappeared, despite the fact that the Formatting box under View | Toolbars remained selected—how to get it back was a frustrating mystery. I trolled every menu option in Word, looking for the box that I could check to recover it. At last I noticed a small, nondescript oval button in the top right-hand corner of my document window: Clicking on it made my toolbar magically reappear. Turns out that little bubble expands and retracts Word's toolbars. In fact it appears all over Apple's OS X, in Finder, browser, and other programs' windows, and it does the same thing in all of them. Who knew? Thanks, Apple, for making this option so puzzling!

JM wrote at 2013-03-11 21:00:15
The Microsoft Office team needs to give their head a collective shake.  I have been using Office since it's inception (mid-90's?) and am very comfortable with the older versions.  The interface introduced in MS Office 2007 and beyond is terrible.  Why would MS make such a radical change and totally strand loyal users.  That is crazy.

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