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Microsoft Word/Sending Mail merge email from alternate alias


Ashley wrote at 2012-10-03 16:08:28
Just for those of you like me, searching for an answer to this.  The following steps worked for me using an IMAP email account:

1.  Open the Control Panel -> click User Accounts -> and then click Mail (32-bit)

   (*If you don't see those options, go to the Control panel main page and there should be an option that says "View By" on the top-right side, change that to Category.)

2.  Click Add and then set up the email account again.  Note, it doesn't matter if you already set it up in Outlook or as a mail account in windows.  You still have to do it again.

3.  Either select "Prompt for a profile to be used", or "Always use this profile" with the desired account to send from selected.  Don't worry, you can follow these steps again and change it back when your done.

4.  Click OK.

5.  If Outlook is open, close it and then open it again so it will recognize the new settings.

6.  Now send your mail merge.  I recommend sending yourself a test message to be sure everything is correct.

Now, feel free to change the settings back after messages have been sent :)  Hope it works for you.

Just thought I'd help wrote at 2013-04-17 04:50:31
I found a way to change the sender email address. In Outlook, go to File, Account settings, Data files, and change which account is "set as default". Restart Outlook and you are good to go. But, each time you want to change the sending email address you have to go through this process. There really should be an easier way.

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