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Hi, I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop. When I try to print my document in book fold, all the images in the document get misplaced. Please help.

Hi Supria,

you haven't given me much to go on but normally when something like this happens it is down to a formatting conflict. Unfortunately though, there are so many variables here it's impossible to make an educated guess. It could be down to your document structure/layout, formatting and styles, how the images are inserted and so forth - lots of variables.

First of all, how did you insert the pictures? Copy and paste or did you use Word's 'Insert picture' function? (The latter is better). Have you 'locked' the images to the text? Also, how is the page formatted: using standard text paragraphs; perhaps text frames; or maybe, with tables or a combination: if these aren't laid out well and the images aren't inserted correctly then they can do strange things; there are so many possibilities.

If you attach the document I can have a look at it tomorrow (it's late where I am); unfortunately, at present there's little more I can do with the information I've got.

One final point is if you can create a pdf from the Word document, this might prevent the images from getting misplaced allowing you to print-out what you need until we resolve this.


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