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I've used the Table of Contents in Word 2007 in the past with success.  This time, unlike previous times, the box marked "right align page numbers" is grayed out.  So when I make the table of contents, the page numbers are automatically right next to the chapter titles.  It's functional, but it looks silly.  
I'm not a Table of Contents expert, so it's possible that I'm doing something different this time, but if so, I have no idea what it might be.  
Here's how I got there: Table of contents - insert table of contents - from template.
I could get around this problem by using one of their built-in choices under "general", but I don't like the look of any of those and would rather create my own.
I used one of the built-in styles and manually changed the font, size, color, spacing, bold, etc. and it looks OK (although it's forcing my section headers to be in all caps, which I don't like), but every time I change anything in the document I have to go through it all again.  Besides, I would really like it so the section headings DON'T have page numbers but the chapter headings DO, and I don't think I can do that.
What's going on?

ANSWER: Sally,
Is this the installation of Word that you used in the past, is it possible this is a new version running in compatibility mode?

There is so much personal modification that I would not be able to duplicate your formatting.

On the Modify Style window there are options to modify each level of the TOC and then the option how the following paragraph reacts.  
There is an option on the Modify Style window to right align the tet.  It is under the font style and size line.

No matter what changes I make I can not duplicate Show page numbers greyed out.

There is a very nice Microsoft Tutorial for creating and formatting a TOC at...

When you get to the Modify Style > window have you selected "New Documents based on this template", so you don't have to recreate?  Also, from the Table of Contents drop down menu at the bottom is the option to "Save Selection to Table of Contents Gallery, so once you have the style you want you can save it and it will appear next time as an automatic table.

I would suggest doing a trial run on a new document.  Add some text, create a few headings, (Heading Style 1).

Insert a TOC and see if it works in a new document this will let you know if the problem lies within the document or the Word application, itself.  If it still doesn't work review the compatibility .


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for your response.  I am using the same installation of Word, same computer, no other problems noted.  However, I'm fairly certain it's an oddball glitch on Word's part because cut-and-pasting into a new document helped!  I can now right-align the page numbers on my subheadings.  Main headings still have left-justified page numbers and I can't seem to modify that.  What I'd really like to do is remove the page numbers from the main headings entirely (but not from the subheadings).  I'm sure I've done that before, but I didn't really remember how I did it because at the time it seemed fairly obvious.  Now I can't find that option anywhere, so I think Word might still be acting a little, uh, quirky.  I am familiar with the "modify style" option but I can't find adding/removing page numbers as an option there- only on the main "table of contents" page (thus I could only remove page numbers for BOTH headings, which I don't want).  I've tried rebooting and all the normal junk you do when the computer gets weird for no reason.  
I can manually remove all the page numbers from the main headings, but Word also decided to change all my default fonts, etc., so I've had to go through and redo all my headings manually.  It's getting pretty frustrating and I'm starting to debate just scrapping all the work I've put into it and making a table of contents from scratch without any "help" from Word.  Any thoughts as to what might be going on?

Sally, I can tell you that copying and pasting takes some of the code and inserts it so this would not be a new document.

You can adjust the levels of page number that show from the Options feature.

From the Table of Contents > Insert TOC window > TOC TAB > Options... delete the 1 next to heading one and you can put 1 for Heading 2 or leave the 2,depends on how you want it.

It sounds like your Template is corrupted at this point.  Does not make sense that the font has changed.  I think there have been so many changes to the document that it would be hard to fix and easier to start over, as it relates to the TOC.

An option is to delete the normal.dotm file and then restart Word.  This file is regenerated with all the default settings when Word is restarted.  For information on this you can do a browser search.  I would only do that if you are comfortable .

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