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QUESTION: I recently switched from Word 95 to Word 2003. Now I cannot paste data into a function such as Find, Save, etc. by right-clicking the mouse, although Ctrl-V works. Apparently this is because the functions now use ComboBox (whatever that means). Is there any way to activate the mouse for this? I don't understand why MS would remove this ability. I don't type, have poor dexterity, and it's much harder to press Ctrl and V together than right-click the mouse.

ANSWER: It's a while since I used Word 95, and I THOUGHT the methods remained the same - but that aside, you are certainly right that you cannot right click and choose the context sensitive paste - so we have to find a workaround.  One possible solution (still typing but possibly easier keys to get together) is to press Shift and the Insert key - as they are futher away from each other if you do left shift, or slightly easier to find if you do right shift this MIGHT be a solution).  For a long discussion about this see which goes back to 2004 so it has been like this a long time - there is one suggested workaround for find here which is to have the text you want to find selected first.  I'm not aware of any other workarounds, though this isn't to say that they don't exist

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QUESTION: Ok, now I know 3 ways to Find. If it's a word in the document, select it before opening Find. If it's in the clipboard, open Find and either Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert. This works for other places too, such as the Save File name.

I had seen Ctrl-V mentioned, but not Shift-Insert. Thanks for the info.

Word 95 did not respond to a mouse wheel (guess it hadn't been invented). I found a little utility, WheelKeys, that converted mouse wheel usage to cursor up/down moves. Very handy. I hoped there was a similar utility for this problem. Perhaps some genius programmer will see this and write one.

Shift Insert isn't well documented, it's actually a legacy shortcut dating back to DOS!  I had looked at the disability options in later versions of windows, but could not spot anything that looked like it would help you.  It is actually fairly easy (I think!) to write a custom program to do what you want using VBA which could respond to a click or double click event - I'm happy to have a go if you want - my email is
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