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I have to find the following pieces of text (for example) in documents and make them bold.

It will take this form:

.  1-4
.  1
.  5-58

The part that has to be bold is the digit, the hyphen and the following digit (if there is one).
I do not want any other digits that could be in the document to be in bold.  I only want the figures that come after the full stop and two spaces.  I've tried to solve this but I'm not very good with wild cards.  Can you help please?

Hi Lesley,

The way I understand your query is that you have text in your document which looks somewhat like this

<period><2spaces><numbers><hyphen><numbers><space>  (e.g, ".  21-21 ")

You want to make the numbers,hyphen & numbers as bold.

Try this

Open Find&Replace dialog box.
Turn the wildcards ON
Put these characters in the find box without the double quotes  ".  ?*\-* "  
This is <period><2 spaces><question mark><asterix><back slash><hyphen><asterix><space>

Put these characters in the replace box without quotes "^&"  mark formatting as bold (press Ctrl+B)

You will get the desired results.  However, you will also get the <period><2spaces> at the beginning and <space> at the end as bold.  You can unbold them by finding for bold period 2 spaces and replacing all such instances as unbold.  

Hope the above is clear.  Let me know if you need more detailed information.

Mahesh K

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