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hello again!

Since sending you an email a while ago, I've done some sleuthing and find myself even more confused...
I use two computers, connected with a router.
The one that uses Word 2010 also uses Word 2007.
And here's the finding:
The results that I showed you earlier are also the results when using the Word 2007 !!!
And it gets weirder... when I print on the other computer, using Word 2003, every single command, whether for printing one of the pages or two pages, gives the correct result!!

These results are recent. I cannot recall such printing problems earlier. Otherwise, I would have contacted you for help!

I am using a HP 841C printer, an old but reliable printer with which I have never had a problem.



I look forward to your reply.

Hi Chris,

This seems to be strange to me as well.  I have never came across such an issue.  To be honest with you, it will be quite a challenge for me to suggest a solution if I just go by the 2 messages that you have shared.  However, I can recommend you to check a few things here:
1. Check if you have any specific section level formatting done in the document that is conflicting with the print command
2. The range when you specify should be 1-2 or 2-3 or 1-3
3. Check if you have not selected any options like - print even pages/odd pages, etc.

If you can email me the 3 pager document, that will be of help for me to identify the problem.  Please let me know if that is possible.

Mahesh K
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