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Microsoft Word/Word 2003, 2 languages installed


QUESTION: "My XP is set up with English as default for system & Word. Hebrew is enabled w/ hot key: Shift-Alt. First, even with English set as default, new documents open w/ cursor on right, ready to type right to left. No matter what language I'm in, "Home" key always takes me to the end of the line and "End" key takes me to the beginning. I can change typing to left-sided and type in English, and can usually get a paragraph or two w/out a problem but often in the middle of typing the language changes sporadically. Sometimes, when I go back into text to edit, it erratically changes the location of some word groupings (ex: moves 2 or more arbitrary consecutive words to the beginning or middle of the next line) and/or when I try to insert text it sends me sometimes to the beginning of that line or the line below; I can't insert in some places. Sometimes I have been able to get around this by re-typing in front of the last character which entered okay and I can continue there - at the end of the changes I delete that character that was repeated at the beginning of my insertion. Also sometimes I have been successful w/ cut & paste, but usually after I move something I can't continue typing from there. When Word suddenly switches to Hebrew I see that "HE" is the language on the taskbar, even though I didn't activate it. I can change it back to English, but sometimes it changes, sometimes it changes & changes back again to Hebrew after one or two letters, and I have to change it again. I've turned off auto-keyboard switching and in Control panel I changed regional to English US & for input language English US is listed first. Web typing & Gmail is not ever a problem switching between languages. So the problem is both straight typing & editing in Word. What can I do? I was wondering if the new document template is corrupted, could I take someone else's Word document & type into it successfully, i.e., use that for all new documents? Could you send me a short document to try?  (Had this problem from the start as a new computer, but never did any serious (English) writing till now.) Thanks for your help."

ANSWER: It SOUNDS to me as though the problem is PROBABLY related to settings in the file - this sets the rules for a new document - language, font, paragraph spacing, margins etc.  The easiest fix for that problem is (without Word running) to search for and DELETE the file (IF you have settings on it that you may want to keep, then rename to something else - you can then import from that file later on).  Restart Word and a new file will be created.  You SHOULD find this resolves the problem, but you may need to set defaults and ensure you re-save the file when prompted to do so after closing Word.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the suggestion.
I found files "Normal" (no file extension) and "" in my Templates directory. I renamed "Normal" to "test.normal,"  opened word & chose settings. I saved them as "" It appears that new documents are okay (though I need time to experiment because the problems seem to occur randomly) but it didn't help with the documents I already created. I tried opening a new document, verified settings & then did a copy/paste of the text from an old file but I still have the same problems. Can you suggest something for my existing files?

if you copy and paste from an OLD file you will be copying across the language settings. Try paste special, unformatted text.  Alternatively, you could select all (ctrl A, or edit, select all) and then set the language of the selection (i.e. the entire document) to whatever you wish.  HOPEFULLY that will then resolve that problem as well.
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