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QUESTION: hi Richard, how've you been?

I'm learning about forms. I'm trying to understand how I can use the Legacy Tools approach. My focus is on saving only the form data.
One book tells me that in the resulting text file, "the data is
comma-delimited with quotation marks around text entries". The book gives an example:
"Sheri Harris","10783 Westwood Place","Anderson","In","46282"

I've assumed that the benefit of using on-line forms to be filled in, is to amass a fairly large amount of such data as in the example above, not just a single piece of data.
I'm thinking that employment applicants would be asked to fill in such forms, or current employees would use these forms to ask for specific vacation time. These forms would then be forwarded to say, Human Resources, who would create a database using the entries made by the applicants (in the first case) or the employees (in the case of vacation time requests).

So what I want to know is how to take these comma-delimited data and put them in a database. If such procedure is to manually move or copy the data from each filled-in form to say, an Excel or Word database, it looks to me that using the form is a waste of time. The person filling out the form might as well fill out a paper form!
Have I got this business right, or am I missing something? the book does not go further to explain how the filled-in data is then processed.

I hope my question is clear.

thanks and Happy New Year.


ANSWER: Hello Chris

Just getting over a bad bout of flu, thanks for asking.  This link will give you an example of what you can do with the comma delimited data to an access database.

It can also go to an Excel spreadsheet but database has many more options for gathering and sendind out data.


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QUESTION: 'Hope you're feeling better, Richard!

Thanks for your reply.
Can you give me a reference, i.e., tutorial, or what you know, as to how to use Excel for this task. I don't have access to Access (ha-ha)?

Thanks again.



Here are a  few options depending on your operating system,

Once you have got the information into excel you can then play around with the database options in excel (again depending on your version of excel)

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