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Microsoft Word/UNIQUE Mail Merge situation


Hi Richard:

I use Windows 7 and Microsoft 2007 and sometimes 2010.

Please tell me how to do an advanced mail merge (data from Excel and merge into a Word letter template) that allows me to also pull data from the same column.  Although I know how to do a simple mail merge where I pull data from the same row and merge into one letter for each record (e.g. 100 rows of record from Excel = 100 letters in Word).  But now, I need to merge into one letter going to the same law firm (addressee is the law firm) but with different client names in the body of the letter.  Specifically, the column headings in Excel are:  File #, Client Name, Lawyer Name, and Law firm Address.  However, there are sometimes as many as 18 clients who are with the same law firm.  That is, a different client is listed in each of the 18 rows under the Client Name column in Excel and the same law firm is on all these rows.  How can I merge various client names into the same letter that goes to the same law firm?

There is no EASY solution for this. You're going to have to arrange the records so that ONE RECORD equals ONE MERGE ITEM in Word. It's going to involve either hand scrubbing of the data or some serious VBA coding to clean all of the data up. Sorry it's not what you want to hear, but I can't think of an easy solution for you. That's just not how Mail Merge works.
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