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Mahesh, you are very cooperative with a guy (me) who is a bit busy with other things, just, as I know, you are.

We're not on the same page, as the expression goes.
You are apparently under the impression that I'm having trouble with generating a TOC. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the expression goes.

What I don't (or didn't) understand is how you get two lines to possess the same style, Normal in this case, yet one line is labelled (with a number/or letter)and the other one is not labelled at all.
By using the Show/Hide tool, the answer becomes clear, i think.
You're manually marking the line to go into a TOC using the Alt+Shift+O approach. You use Ctrl+Shift+8 to show the code. With the code visible, on one of the two lines,you manually enter the label (number/or letter) to appear in the TOC!!
Have I got it right? I will try this soon. I realize that you wrote all this in one of your first replies,I just didn't get it.

do I get it now?

Thanks again.


Hi Chris,

The paragraph is numbered manually. In the document I shared with you the number 1 was manually keyed in. Followed by a period and a tab. In the newer MSWord versions, when you do that the style changes automatically to List Paragraph. To avoid that simply press Ctrl+Z. This will retain the style to be normal.

Hope this helps. Let me know.

Mahesh K
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