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Hi  I am using merge fields from MYOB into word templates and when it brings the information (numbers ie company number)into the merge field it brings it as one long number.

Can I use \* charformat formatting to specify the formatting I want (ie xx xxx xxx xxx instead of xxxxxxxxxxx).

Thanks in advance

Hi Alison,

Thank you for the question.

I recommend the following as practice to ensure that the document is behaving as it should

1. Type: rand()
2. Press Enter. This will give you some text to "play with", quick-and-dirty. Ctrl+A and format the text to 12 pt
3. Bookmark something, anything
4. Go to the end of the document; press Ctrl+F9. This will insert a pair of field brackets (we're doing this manually, rather than going over the dialog box)
5. In the brackets, type: REF [bookmarkName] \* CharFormat
6. Select the entire field and format it as xx xxx xxx xxx
7. F9 to force the field to update

How do things look in this simple test?

Now try repeating steps 3 through 7 in your existing document. How does this test look?

I hope this helps.

Mary Lindsey

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