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On May 25, 2013 I began having trouble with already created Word 2000 documents.  When I go to a directory and double click a specific file to open it opens to a gray screen without the previous documentation just a gray, blank screen. .. Operating system is Windows XP - in case you need that. .   

I had been able to create a new document, file it and as long as my computer remained on go back and re-use it that same day.  Not now.  File it and then when it opens = blank screen.  

In February 2013 I started using a registry cleaner SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus.  On the 25th of May I contacted them and they said do a System Restore.  Ive been doing a System Restore everytime Ive turned off my computer since then UNTIL yesterday when the only available option for a restore point was the 25th of May.  I tried it without any luck.  Monday, 10-June I was able to use the 22nd of May restore point, but then yesterday everything prior to the 25th had been deleted.  In addition when I do a scan with SparkTrust the last couple of days, I receive an error message that there is connectivity problem between my computer and their server and to re-scan.  

I also have 2 versions of MS Office one for 2000 and another promotional package from AT&T MS Office Professional 2010.  When I use Word, it always reverts to the 2000 version.  

Im stuck (and frustrated) with 8-9 years of Word documents I cannot read.

I know that this is a known issue, but I've not been able to find a specific solution - one POSSIBLE solution is documented at  However, reading between the lines it looks as though you are (perfectly acceptably) opening files from explorer, which is firing up the default program - so this gives you an alternative - which would resolve both issues with Word.  That is, use the start menu or desktop shortcut to start Word and then use file, open to open the file from there - this SHOULD work without the grey screen issue.  It would also give you the choice of versions - when opening a file from explorer, windows will open it with whichever program has been associated with that file type - which would only ever be one association at a time.

I'm not familiar with the registry cleaner, so cannot comment on that part of the question - I hope that this answer points you in the direction of a solution, but if I can help further or if you need clarification please do let me know.
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