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QUESTION: hi Richard!

I use Word 2010 and Windows 7.
I'm working in a 100-page document. Until now, page numbering was fine. But, sort of, all of a sudden, the numbering is going nuts!
for example, with the cursor in the header space of the FIRST page, the notation is "Even page header". How can the first  page be an even page.
second example:the notation at the left bottom of the screen shows me that I'm on page 7, but the page number in the header space of that page is page 8!!
Again, these problems just started to show up now. I had no problems before.

Your help is appreciated.



A quick fix may be to copy and paste the entire document into a blank page.  Sometimes word can get messed up in long documents due to keeping changes etc.  If this doesn't help then get back to me.


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QUESTION: Thank you,Richard, for your prompt reply.
Your suggestion did the trick.
But here's some more  puzzlers, related to this matter.
#1- when I closed, then re-opened the long document, the page numbering went back to normal!! As a matter of fact, the words "Odd" and "Even" in the phrase "Odd Page Header" or "Even Page Header" disappeared altogether!. One saw only "Header".
If this is not an example of instability, then I don't know what is.

#2-in the long document, I use at least 3 different Heading styles. Before closing the document, I used a line in Heading 3 style, then I saved the document and closed it. When I re-opened it, that line and many others in Heading 3 style, all reverted to Normal style!!

#3- in the long document, I have lines in black color. When I re-opened the document, some lines were in blue color, without my having done anything to make them blue.

One more   #4- I have many sections in the document. I scroll through the document, and watch the bottom left of the screen to see where the section number changes. When I see the change, I turn on the Show/Hide symbol to see the blue line telling me of the change in section number, but I FIND NO SUCH NUMBER! THEN I TRY THE HELP SYMBOL AND ASK HOW TO REMOVE A SECTION NUMBER. THE REPLY IS TO USE DRAFT VIEW TO FIND THE BLUE LINE. But when I click Draft view, I see no such line, although the screen at the bottom left tells me that I have entered a new section.
At present, then,I cannot reduce or eliminate section numbers higher than Section 1.

What do think of this whole mess? Is Microsoft doing a lousy job, or what?

Thanks for your reply.


Most of the problems are occurring due the way word uses its codes, which in your case proves to be very distracting indeed.  I have spent many hours going through peoples work in word to fix such issues, mainly because it isn't intuitive the way word wants things done.  And sad to say since they went for the simplify route they have missed the mark with large document production.  I still use pagemaker for large documents over 50 pages with graphics as it is very stable and easy to see what is going on.  One day I will have to upgrade to indesign but am quite happy with pagemaker.  
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