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hi Mary, pleased to meet you!

I use Word 2007 and Word 2010, both with Windows 7.
Things have been going along pretty smoothly, when, in the last few weeks, the situation has changed!

I refer to pagination.

Using Windows 7, when I open a new file, either in Word 2007 or Word 2010,then create several pages and paginate, I find:

#1- the FIRST page shows page number 2 in the header
the SECOND Page shows page number 3 ,etc.
#2- when I look at the bottom left of the screen, the page numbers in the bar are correct.

this weird business has appeared out of nowhere! In the entire lifetime of this computer, some 3 years, I never saw such craziness.

With the cursor in the header space, the Design tab appears.
I go to the Options group and check the box "Different Odd and Even Pages" and "Show Document Text". When I look at the Header area, on PAGE 1, I see a box, colored blue, that says "EVEN PAGE HEADER", the box on the header space of the SECOND PAGE in the file shows "ODD PAGE HEADER",etc.

These are weird result, I think you'll agree.

Trying to print, I see results that are possibly ramifications of the problem just described:
When I want to print,say, page 4, I have two choices. I can click on the Current Page button, or I MUST ENTER "5" IN THE PAGES SPACE of the Print dialog box.Notice that I wrote "5", not "4".
If I want to print page 34, I enter "35" in the Pages space. You get the picture, I think.
In googling these problems, I found plenty of bloggers who wrote of the same problem in paginating that I describe above.
Various replies came back to the bloggers, warning them that the presence of sections and section breaks can lead to these problems.
So I point out that in my situation, there is only a single section, so the solution(s) lie elsewhere.

Reducing the problem to basics...when I open a new file and start JUST ONE PAGE, the page number in the header is "2"!!. There is nothing else in the file, no section breaks, no nothing!

what can I do to fix this problem?

Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the question (and great to meet you as well).

First I believe that your (template) in Word has defaulted to start page numbers at 2 which leads me to believe that it is corrupted.  Not to worry this happens when there are 2 or more versions of the same application installed on a computer.  The problem is not with your Windows 7 operating system, but with the Word program itself.

My suggestions to resolve:

Open the Word document with the problem
Click anywhere in the document.
On the Page Layout tab, click the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher, and then click the Layout tab.
Under Headers and footers, check to see if the page numbering starts at 2
If the page numbers starts at 2, remove the 2 and replace with 1

First (with all Microsoft Office programs closed) Search for (Start/Search/
When you find (regardless of how many you find), delete them (yes, delete them).
Then delete them from your Recycle Bin
Open the Word document you referred to in your question
What does this look like.

NOTE: is a template that Word opens each time you open the program.  Deleting it will not delete your program or delete your Word documents.

Hope this helps.


Mary Lindsey  
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