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hello Richard!

My current problem is not a Word problem per se, (at least I don't think so),but I'm hoping you can help me.

I have two computers, connected with a Cisco router. The older one, the "master" is 7 years old and works fine. The newer one, the "slave", is two years old and works fine.
But ONLY IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS, when shutting down the slave, its screen shows these 2 lines:

Please do not power off or unplug your machine
Installing upgrade 1 of 1

These 2 lines are appearing EVERY SINGLE TIME I SHUT DOWN! They have appeared out of nowhere. Not once in two years have I seen this message until now. Over time, I do see a message about upgrade, but it is a "normal" one, such as:

Please do not power off or unplug your machine
Installing upgrade 1 of 16

and the "1" eventually increases until all 16 upgrades are completed.

But what is happening now is clearly different!It is a nuisance because the message lasts for almost 4 minutes. It may be more than a nuisance because it may be blocking a true, needed incidence of upgrading.

When I then proceed to shut down the master, no such message appears on its screen.

Your thoughts, please.




Occasionally an update can get stuck and exhibit the behaviors you are showing.  I would run a windows update manually and see what if anything is needing to be updated. If nothing is showing after your manual update have a look at ccleaner from piriform to scan the pc and see if there are any registry problems.  If it still does it after that I would look for a Windows Server expert to see if they can help.

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