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hello Aidan, Happy New Year!

How've you been, and how's your family?

I use Word 2007, Word 2010 and Windows 7.
I have a 100-page document, with lots of graphics and captions.
I use Alt+I, then press the "U" key, to put page numbers in my headers.
The problem: looking at the first page, at the bottom left of the screen I see:

page:ii Section:1  Page: 1 of 106

The second page, again at the bottom left shows:

page:iii Section:1  Page: 2 of 106

and this pattern repeats, page after page; the Latin numbers are higher than they should be, by one. Looking at the page numbers in the headers, they are wrong by one...the first page shows a "ii" in the header, the second page shows a "iii" in the header, all corresponding to what is seen in the Status Bar after the word "page".

I've been told that the solution is to number the first page as zero; the page number in the header will correctly show "i". But I haven't been able to do this.
Another curiosity: when I copy and paste a few pages of this large document onto a blank file, the page number problem disappears in the new file, and all is well.

I look forward to your reply.

I haven't come across this, and it SOUNDS as though the formatting of the latin number is perhaps incorrect - or perhaps there is a blank page?  I'm assuming the latin number is the actual page number, the second page number being the page within the section?  A Blank section at the start of the document could therefore cause this problem?  Hard to tell specifically as it DOES appear to relate to the document - which I'm more than happy to look at -

As to your good wishes, my grateful thanks - family are all well and growing!!!
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