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Microsoft Word/Mail merge one recipient into multiple documents?


I'm using Word 2010.
Instead of merging 60 recipients into one document, I need to merge one recipient into 60 documents.

I have about 60 Word documents, each of which needs to have my customer's name added at the top. (Some of the documents will contain multiple merge fields - not just the customer's name.)

Do you know a quick way to do this? My thought was Mail Merge, but I don't know how to go about it other than separately opening each of the 60 documents and merging each individually.

I have about 40 customers I need to make "packets" for. Please tell me there's a better way than opening and merging 2400 documents.

Thank you for volunteering and thank you for your help.

ANSWER: I think the easiest approach would be to make one VERY large document - bearing in mind you'd have to open each of the documents to insert the field codes anyway, I would save the first document with a different name, insert the field codes you needed for the merge, then insert the second document and repeat until you run out of documents - you now have one document containing the 60 that are needed for the pack and can merge that one document - still a little timeconsuming, but I think would be the easiest solution.  It would be possible to write a macro that opened each document, populated it and printed it, but I think this would not save any time (especially if the data locations [merge fields or bookmarks] don't yet exist in the source documents.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I understand your thinking on this. I was trying to avoid one very large document because the customer receives individual pdfs.

I would convert the very large Word file to one very large pdf and then split it into individual pdfs. I recently learned this is easy to do in Acrobat (which I already have), but I haven't figured out how to tell Acrobat to name the individual files the way I'd like. I've read online that a custom script may help. I think that's my next avenue of learning.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

I think if you are going down the scripting route, you may as well get VBA to do the documents for you - as long as each document has bookmarks in place, or something that can be identified by the macro, this is relatively easy - happy to help further if needed - if it helps, direct email is
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