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QUESTION: hi Richard!

I use Windows 7 with Word and Excel 2010. I printed a Word file and the text was uneven, some text will solid with ink, other text looked famished.
So I suspected that my cartridges need replacing. Then, I ran a Windows Printer Test Page, and the result was perfect- solid letters, plenty of ink!
I ran the Word file again with the same poor results.
How can the file be defective, but the Test Page is good?
The printer is an HP841C Deskjet. It runs fine until this happened.

Your thoughts, please.



ANSWER: Is it just Word, or do other applications also print garbled?

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QUESTION: hello Richard!

the same thing happens in Excel as well.


Try other applications like Notepad, Adobe Acrobat, etc. If they have the same problem it's likely a printer DRIVER issue. Data may be getting garbled on the way from the computer to the printer. See if the manufacturer has updated drivers.

The printer self-test page is stored in the PRINTER'S memory, so it doesn't involve communicating with the PC at all.

If it's only Word and Excel, try uninstalling and reinstalling Office. In either case, this isn't a MICROSOFT WORD issue, it's probably a PRINTER issue and you'd need to take it up with their tech support.  
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