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Microsoft Word/finding reviewers' names in the Reviewing Pane


Hello Karen!

The issue is that of a document's author.
I use Word 2013 and Windows 7. I am also well acquainted with Word 2010.

My question:  When using Word 2010, with the Review tab active and the Reviewing Pane on the screen, I open a file and make some
deletions and insertions. In the Reviewing Pane, I can follow all these actions. I observe the name of the person making these changes. The name is identical to that of the author.
Here is where the problem comes in. In Word 2010 the author whose name appears in the Pane is identical to the name that can be seen when clicking File>Options. In the middle of the Options screen, one can see an author's name and initials. Word 2013 that is not the case!  The name of the person making changes is not that seen on the Options screen. It is a name
that is seen when clicking File and in this File screen, towards the middle right is an entry for the author. It is a different name from that
seen in the Options screen.

I may be confusing you, and for that I apologize. But the bottom line is that when using Word 2013, the name of the person making changes
should be visible in the Reviewing Pane just as it is in Word 2010, not the name of an author seen when clicking File.

I'm thinking that I need to change some setting or settings, but I don't know.

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Chris

I don't have experience with this, however I think this may be the answer, regarding the Trust Centre settings... your privacy options may be the cause...

In case of the possibility that your author name is not set (such as in a home environment where you might not be on a network), here is guide to editing the name...

If you do already have your user name set, my strongest guess is for the first option above, whereby privacy settings are stopping the name from being displayed.

I hope I've helped!


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