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Microsoft Word/how can i put a bookmark or something to go to a particular page


i have a large document
i say something like  For a detailed list of the Navy Yard and Charlestown restaurants, see Page 33-34.      

But as I add text to the document the pages change- is there something like a bookmark or some i can put in that will regenerate the page as i add text to the document?

Page 1
Page 1  

Page 2
Page 2  
Hello Marv Alpert,

Yes, there is an option you can use to associate the text and the page(s).

Please send me an email to and I will send you a file with step by step instructions including screenshots.

In the meantime, see the text version below:

How Cross-Referencing Works
When a cross-reference is created, a field is inserted into your document identifying the item you are referencing (e.g. a table, chart, heading). In the example (See Table A), you would type the brackets and the word See before inserting Table A as a field, as explained below. Fields are usually updated when a document is opened or printed. In addition, you can manually update a field by pressing the F9 key.

To update fields:
1.   To update a single field, place your cursor within the field and press F9
2.   To update all fields in a document, select all text using CTRL + A, then press F9    

Creating a Cross Reference
To create a cross-reference:
1.   Add any introductory text and brackets required.
2.   Place your cursor where the cross-reference should be inserted
3.   Click References | Cross-reference. A Cross-reference dialog box will appear.

4.   Click the Reference type: drop down and select the type of object you want to provide a cross-reference to

5.   Click the Insert reference to: drop down and select the information to be displayed in the cross-reference field
6.   Available headings, captions or footnotes will appear. Select the item you wish to reference

7.   Click Insert
Note: In the example below, we selected the following options:
Reference type: Table
Insert reference to: Entire Caption (highlighted in grey)

The grey area indicates the field that will update if changes are made to the document.

Hope this helps.


Mary Lindsey

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