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QUESTION: I have a finished near-perfect (!) ebook. 100 pages total.  There is a title page on which, of course, I want no pagination    Then 3 pages of a TOC on which, again, I want no pagination.    Then I have 3 pages of acknowledgments.  I want these to be numbered  iv, v, vi         Then I have a 2 page Prologue which I want to be numbered vii, viii          Then the main manuscript begins and I'd like THAT to begin with page 1

Currently, the pagination is all     1,2,3,4,5,6   etc......I've read articles....I've consulted my copy editor       We can't figure it out.

I have Word for Mac 2011   version 14.2

ANSWER: I know nothing about the mac, but should be able to advise you about Word!
Insert section breaks into the document whenever you want to change the numbering - so after the TOC and before the acknowledgments, and after Prologue.  View the header and footer and firstly UNLINK the header/footer (wherever you want to put the page number) from the previous one.  Then use the INSERT ribbon to view the page number options.  Use Format page numbers to set the rules - so roman numerals starting at 4 in the first instance and then choose the layout option you want for the numbers. Move to the next section and repeat the process - unlink from previous, set the format to be numbers starting from one, not continuing from previous.

HOPEFULLY that should give you what you want!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What do u mean "unlink" the header-footer from the previous one    And u say add section break after TOC AND BEFORE acknowledgements.   2 breaks?   And where is cursor placed in a break. Right before last word of previous section or at beginning of next section GH

I tried to be a little unspecific deliberately as I don't use a Mac, so didn't want to be too PC specific in case it looks different - however

when you are in header/footer view, by default it shows "same as previous".  On the design ribbon there is a "Link to previous" button which is highlighted - clicking this will unlink the header.

For breaks, yes, you need to have different sections every time you want to change the footer.  I tend to work with paragraph marks turned on which makes it easier to see, but if you put the cursor immediately before the text that starts the new numbering section you can then use the paye layout ribbon to add a next page section break.  The break will give you a new page, so if you have already used page breaks you will probably want to replace a page break with a section break.

I hope that this has clarified, but again, if not clear do let me know - I would be able to record a youtube video showing how to do this if that helped?
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