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Great to see you still on AllExperts - I remember your name from several years ago when you helped me on several occasions.

My question now concerns using an image to act as "page color" or background for an A4 document. The JPEG image I am using I have created two versions of - one with dimensions 3264 X 1824 and one with dimensions 376 X 210.

When I set the smaller image as background, the document displays several "tiles" of the image, which is not what I want - I want one image (though not necessarily the whole image - see below).

Now, when I use the larger image I can see a small part of the image on the document (you can imagine the greater part of the image existing invisibly "around the image") and actually this is exactly what I want! The trouble is, when I come to print the document it prints it off in the same tiled manner as described in the previous paragraph.

Would you happen to know, Aidan, how I could "freeze" the larger image as displayed, so that it prints out as displayed? I attach the images in question, though I see I cannot attach the Word document (I guess for obvious virus-protection reasons). Anyway, any immediate thoughts?

ANSWER: If I've understood correctly, it's quite easy - view the header, insert the image into that, size it as you like - it will then become the background to the document (this is the same method used to insert a watermark into the document, though Microsoft have automated this in the more recent versions).

Any problems, let me know - and if it helps my direct email is

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: That's a quick response, thanks! Let me just get this right...when you say "view the header", is that header as in "header and footer"?

fast response happens when you ask the question when I'm at the computer!!!  And yes, header and footer - it doesn't ACTUALLY matter if you put the graphic in the header or the footer, it's just usually easier in the header - it can occupy more space than the header is set to have.  Which is how you get it to do what you want!!  
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