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Dear Ms. Lindsey,

Months ago, a friend of mine helped me add automatically updateable page numbers to a table of contents where each entry included a chapter description, leader, and a manually changeable page number.  After we inserted the leader, my friend taught me a way to associate each chapter description with the first page of that chapter.  So if I clicked a page number in the TOC, the computer jumped instantly to the corresponding page as though the number were a hyperlink.

Since another friend of mine needs me to keep the already-existing TOC, he asked me not to make the computer use Word to generate a one.  So there's one TOC entry that still needs a link from it page number to the corresponding page.  What can I do to link them?  I seem to remember that to do that, I need to change only the line needing the link(?).

Thank you for your help.


Hello Bill,

Thank you for your query.

If I understand this correctly, I think you are hoping to 'mark' a heading (or some text) you would like to be updated in your TOC.

Well this is what I think you need to do.

Select the word or words you want to include in the TOC and associate a style to the TOC entry within the main document.

Hope this helps.


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