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Sir, this is in continuation to my question asked here:

The question remain exactly the same except that the number of digits to convert is only 4 digits before and 3 digits after the decimal(point) in following style:

1234.123 should be convert as Twelve crore thirty four lakhs twelve thousand three hundred.
123.12 should be convert as one crore twety three lakhs twelve thousand.
12.1 should be convert as Twelve lakhs ten thousands
1.001 should be convert as one lakh one hundred

Naming of number After decimal:
Unit place will be called hundred
Tens place will be called thousand
Hundred place will be called Ten thousand

Naming of number Before decimal:
Unit place will be called Lakh
Tens place will be called Ten Lakhs
Hundred place will be called Crore
Thousand place will be called Ten crore

Please provide a macro to accomplish above requirement.

The macro I gave you already should largely do this - it appears the only change you want is to remove the words rupees and paise from the amount after the decimal point - at which point this entire section can be removed:

Select Case Rupees
 Case ""
     Rupees = "(No Rupees"
 Case "One"
     Rupees = "(One Rupee"
 Case Else
      'Rupees = Rupees & " Rupees"
     Rupees = "(Rupees " & Rupees
 End Select
 Select Case Paise
 Case ""
     Paise = ") Only"
 Case "One"
     Paise = " and One Paisa"
 Case Else
     Paise = " and " & Paise & " Paise) Only"
 End Select

Apart from that, the macro should work as expected
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