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hi Aidan, how've you been?
I use Word 2010 and Windows 7
I want to use the Mail Merge feature, but I'm having trouble using the Address Block item.

I put my letter on the screen, then I open the Mail Merge task pane
   then I click Write Your Letter
     then I click the Address Block to see the Insert Address Block dialog box
At the lower right of the dialog box, I click the Match Fields button and I see a list of items created by Word
(see the table immediately below)

  Required for Address Block:
     Courtesy Title
     First name
     Last name
     Postal Code

The Fields in my Database, seen when I click the drop-down arrow of the
Match Fields button:


The second table above is the drop-down list. The list shows all the fields that I created and are in the first row of my data base. I think that Iím supposed to match Wordís list with my list, but I just donít get the connections.
I don't understand the connection between the first list above and the fields in my data base in the second list above.

When I do the merge, I donít find the desired results.
I realize that this matter is not easy to explain in writing; being able to speak would help, but that is  probably beyond the AllEXperts framework.
I would like to hear what you have to see about all this; maybe you can refer me to a good tutorial that would help.



I don't like how microsoft try to make merges easy - and therefore make them harder!  Back in earlier versions, merge was as simple as 1-2-3 - literally, because it was a three step wizard.  Putting fields in was always down to  you and I'd strongly recommend keeping it that way - don't fight with the wizards!

Rather than use the address block section, simply use the "INSERT MERGE FIELD" section - this will allow you to put the fields you want where you want them.

It may help (if this isn't clear) to send me a sample file (and data source, though I can build that if needs be) and I can let you have a document ready to merge - I should be able to record the actions of setting it up as a video for you - my email is
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