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Microsoft Word/ME Office Word compatabily issues


I am currently attend college and need a new computer to mainly type papers and for basic web browsing and email, so I am not interesting in owning an new laptop or desktop that I would barely use or want to carry around otherwise. I have my eye on a few tablets/notebooks that offer Microsoft Office 365 and utilize cloud storage such as a small nextbook,chrome book or hp stream. However, I am concerned with compatibility and formatting issues when it comes time transfer and edit word documents back and forth with my professors who may be using a traditional Microsoft Office version running on a regular PC such as Office 2007,2010, or 2013.

For instance, I onced typed a few documents on my android in emergency using a word app. It came out fine on my end actually, but the format opened in complete disarray on the recipients end who was using a desktop.

So, I am hoping you would provide further insight on making my next purchase because I don't want to buy a new laptop or desktop unless I absolutely have to.
Thank you for your time.

Hi Cory,

If you get anything that has Office 365 you should be fine. Microsoft can save down to a lower version if needed. I would seek out advice from other individuals as well since I do not use tablets for anything Microsoft related because my work requires dual full size monitors, keyboard and mouse.

If you have access to anyone with Office 365 on a tablet, perhaps you could create a document and ask individuals with Office 2007, 2010, and 2013 to make sure it looks the same when they open as intended on your end.

Sorry I cannot provide a more definitive answer but I do not want to make assumptions or offer advice that could cause a bad choice.

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