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Microsoft Word/MS Word 2016 upgrade for PC?



   I'm hoping I can get a straight answer from a person well enbedded into the world of MS Word.  I have contacted several vendors and none of them were able to give me a satisfactory answer.  To be fair, MS Word had not hit the streets yet, since it was just released today.  They told me they would know more once they received the software in-store from Microsoft..  
   In adition, I'm left feeling like MS is shoving 365 subscription service down our throats.  I'm reticent to pay $100 per year, plus $10.00 per month for a service I will rarely, if ever use.
   I'm a novelist, I use MS Word 2013 for PC, everyday.  I do not ever use the rest of the Office suite EVER!  I do not need or want to purchase the entire Office 2016 suite.  

   My questions: is it possible to purchase a MS Word 2016 upgrade for PC as a stand-alone software program?  

   If so, how much will this cost?
   I hope you can offer an answer to my questions.  I find it very frustrating that Microsoft does not offer an email response option for pertinent Office related questions.

All the Best,

J. D. Lowes

Microsoft have learnt that if they want to make money, having a subscription service works - but obviously it isn't for everybody - however, the model they use has changed - by keeping a subscription, you will have the most up to date version of the software.  By NOT keeping it, your software will (I think) cease to allow you to edit documents - see .  Solutions (as I see it) are to purchase an older version of Word (most people use features that have been present for a long time) OR to move over to something like Open Office.

I do find that the subscription works for me, but only because I've moved to saving important documents to OneDrive, which gives me an automatic backup.  However, as I say, that's not going to be what everyone wants.  I would double check the pricing though - the rates I've seen are per annum OR per month, not both.
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