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Hi Nancy,
I'm working with Word 2007 and have used styles over the years without any problem. I'm reformatting a book of mine as an eBook saved into the compatibility mode. Because it's a big book and there are only about max 10 styles I need, I want to get rid of the other styles (about another 15) that are in the Styles list so that I can streamline the job and not have to continually scroll through them all.
I've Googled the question as to whether I can remove those unwanted styles and just work with the ones I want. What concerns me, even though it does say something like 'this document only', is whether it will affect any other future documents. Will those other unwanted styles still be available in any other document? From all the articles I've read, it appears that there's no problem but I'm just being cautious.
Can you reassure me that everything will be normal in other documents other than this one?
Many thanks,

Hello - I can not for sure say anything about a document that I have not created.

When you created the styles, did you create them for "this document only"?  That is going to have a bearing on what effect removing a style will have on other documents.

For reference  check the following , it might be helpful.

All the best
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