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QUESTION: Earlier versions of Word had a "lasso" feature that allowed one to easily select multiple objects by dragging a box around them. I know I can select an object, hold down the shift key and continue to select objects.  I create documents with dozens of objects, some very small - usually a photo inserted into a text box with text or graphic annotations on top.  The odds of my successfully selecting a dozen or more objects are low.  What used to be an easy process has become tedious and extremely frustrating to me.  I tried placing them on a "canvas" as Word suggested, but was not able to make it work.

Is there a way to easily select multiple objects?  Our company just subscribed to an internet ITsupport group, but hey were not able to help.....

ANSWER: if the items are drawing objects, with one selected you can then use the FORMAT ribbon to view the selection pane which allows you to select the objects you want.  You can also click on them and holding down ctrl you can click on more to select (but that's the method you are using).  Other than that, not sure of an easier way UNLESS it's the entire document (which is ctrl A - edit select all equivalent)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, but this does not really help me.  I stumbled upon the "Selection Pane" and it turned out to be a real pain (pun intended).  My last docx had 98 "Text boxes" - I have no clue which label goes to which object and I'm not going to take the time to figure that out.  The best advise I've heard so far is to work on the document in doc (Compatability Mode) and then save it as a docx.  Going backward to go forward just seems wrong!

Sorry I wasn't able to offer much better solutions - I've done more research since posting and it looks as though the compatability mode may be the only way - I've had a QUICK look at the same situation in office 365 and it still looks to be the same issue.  Working with multiple shapes on a document is not something I do often (if at all) so it's hard to offer other advice - happy to look at a sample document to see if I can come up with an alternate way of working or other workaround!  my email is if you want to send me anything!
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