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Hi Mary,

I hope you can please help me?

I have a Word doc that has several stories and most of those stories has a TOC for chapters.

I was wondering if I'd be able to have a TOC at the start of the document that links to the start of each story e.g. the title of the story, without it interfering with the existing TOCs in place?




Hi Lisa,

I understand 100%. No problem.

Here is my recommendation.  

Lock (CTRL+Shift+F9) your current TOCs and then create another TOC that is linked to the story titles.

Hope this helps.




Hi Mary,

Thanks for responding.  If you have the sample document that would be great.

If you don't mind I'll try myself first only because the document is quite large to send and the content isn't actually mine!  I'm doing somebody a favor by typing it up for them but got stuck on the TOC part :)

If push comes to shove, I'll get their permission if I can't do it myself.

Thanks again,


Hi Lisa,

Yes you can certainly do this.  However I need to set something up first and then response back with the sample.  Please send an email address to me at and I will get the sample document (with explanation) back to you post haste.  If you are amenable (and with respect to global privacy and confidentiality clauses) you can also send the actual file and I will get this sorted for you.


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